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Sulmona is a town of about 25,000 habitants situated in a large valley in the centre of Abruzzo, surrunded by the highest mountains of the Appennini.

According to the tradition, the ancient “Sulmo”, founded by Solimo Frigio, one of Aeneas’companions, became an Italic “oppidum” and later a Roman “municipium”.

Ovid, who was born in Sulmona, immortalized the town in the words “Sulmo mihi patria est” (Sulmona is my fatherland), wich abbreviated to the initials SMPE have made part of the town’s emblem since the middle ages. During the Swabian age Sulmona became the capital of the region.

It was the center of one of the seven fairs of the kingdom, of the Abruzzo “Giustizierato”, of a professorship of canon law and goldsmith’s workshops. During the Angevin and Aragonese age Sulmona was very important artisan and commercial town. MAny famous humanists,Barbato, Quatrario, Ercole Ciofano and Pope Innocenzo VII, were born in Sulmona.

The historic town centre is enclosed within ancient walls, in parts intact and with well-preserved towngates. A lot of interesing monuments can be seen while walking along the narrow streets. Inside every aristocratic palace, church, in cloister and courtyard one can find wide staircases and small porticos, heraldic coats of arms, capitals and engraved porches and wells. They represent he past centuries, pieces of real life wich give importance to Ovid’s town.